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Sale of containers

Buying your first container is almost like choosing your first car, you always need to follow the target installation. What is it for - for storing things or transporting them? If the first case, the container can be different: 5, 10 and 20 tons - they can be successfully used as a mobile warehouse, but not always can be sent by rail (not to mention the sea). In transport, as a rule, standard 20 and 40-foot containers officially registered by the railway (plate KBK) and having a serial number of the owner are used. Such containers can be redeemed under certain conditions and used for transportation. It is also important to understand the condition of the container - it should at least not be in holes, rust or contaminated.

The Greenlight company always has a container for sale, both for rail transportation and for other purposes. In its own container depot, specialists are working that accept containers with mandatory fixation of mechanical damages (if any), so we vouch for quality.