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Railway container transportations

The transport company Greenlight offers services for the carriage of your goods in containers. Railway container transportation

is a universal method for transporting goods across Russia and the world.

Container shipments

can be carried out by sea, rail and road transport. In this case, the container is loaded in the sender's warehouse and unloaded at the recipient without transshipment of its contents. Transportation of cargo is carried out in large-capacity (20ft, 40ft) containers.

The transportation process takes place in several stages. The container is fed to the loading to the door of the sender's warehouse, loaded, sealed. Auto delivery to the station is carried out by specialized motor transport - container ship. At the departure station, a loaded container is placed on a fitting platform and sent by rolling stock to the destination station. Upon arrival, the container is re-credited, and then it is exported from the terminal to the recipient's door.

Why is it convenient to carry "from door to door"? All that is required from the customer: sign a contract and draw up an application. Registration of documents and coordination of transportation at each stage is the task of the Forwarder.

Greenlight transport company provides cargo delivery services in containers from / to Krasnoyarsk:

  • Delivery of goods "from door to door" at the request of the Client
  • Control over the movement of goods along the entire route
  • International intermodal transport in all directions
  • Development of optimal transport schemes of cargo delivery
  • Advice on unloading cargo
  • Registration of cargo for transportation and coordination of procedures necessary for this

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