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Multimodal transportation

Multimodal (mixed) transport

is the carriage of cargo in one container by different modes of transport. The combination of land and sea transportation, the use of transshipment terminals for reloading, will deliver your cargo anywhere in the world "from door to door". Delivery of the goods along the route is made by one carrier. The whole process of transportation is accompanied by one document, and this is the minimal loss of time for bureaucratic procedures and the absence of the need for the presence of the owner of the cargo during transshipment.

Greenlight provides a range of multimodal transportation services:

  • Advice on optimization of delivery. The choice of the most convenient port for processing cargo, taking into account its nature, the volume of the lot and the point of departure and receipt
  • Delivery of cargo from the port to any station throughout Russia, where the acceptance of containers is permitted
  • Transportation and registration of export cargoes in containers
  • Transportation and registration of imported goods in containers
  • Calculation of the cost of delivery of goods "from door to door" taking into account sea shipping, transshipment at the port and sending by rail or road
  • Assistance in the organization of customs clearance of import, export and transit cargo
  • Cargo insurance, both for individual operations, and for the entire period of travel - at the request of the Client
  • Tracking the movement of cargo all along its path

For each Client, we develop an optimal logistic transportation scheme. After that, we coordinate the actions of all participants in the transportation. This is done in the interests of the Client, to accelerate the delivery of goods and reduce total costs. It is thanks to the flexibility of the route, Multimodal container transport is so popular on international routes.