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Freight forwarding

Quite often when transporting goods, it is required to carry out a whole range of services, for example: submitting a car for loading at the sender's warehouse, reloading from a truck to a warehouse, processing transport documentation and sending by rail, and other services. It is quite difficult for a beginner to understand all the intricacies of transportation, not to stumble upon the "pitfalls" of Russian specifics and to choose really reliable counterparts. To do this, there is a freight forwarder - a professional authorized representative of the transportation customer, who takes care of the cargo preparation, the proper execution of transport documents and selection of reliable executors - thereby reducing the risks to the customer. The listed - only a small part of those issues that are solved by the freight forwarder. Often it is thanks to the established connections and high traffic volume that the freight forwarder can offer a competitive transportation cost. Therefore, the appeal to the transport company for this service is in demand.

The company "Greenlight" is happy to offer you freight forwarding services both in the Russian Federation and abroad.