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Customs clearance

Customs clearance is an obligatory procedure for the implementation of export-import operations. Very often the consignee has problems here - without issuing a customs declaration and proper clearance, the cargo can be detained and sent for inspection. For the customer this is always (I emphasize - always) turns into additional costs, and quite significant. After all, the customs authorities carry out searches at the expense of shippers, accompanying operations in the temporary storage warehouse also at its expense, not to mention storage. The latter can be in the port - and the rates of ports (including Russian ones) are always measured in currency. Therefore, without an experienced participant in the transport market, the passage of customs almost always causes difficulties and additional costs.

The company "Greenlight" has its own representative offices in the main Russian ports, and also works only with trusted transport agents. Together, this makes it possible to significantly facilitate the passage of cargo through transport arteries and deliver cargo with minimal risks.