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Container depot services

Container terminal of Greenlight company, located in Krasnoyarsk, close to the station Baziah located on the Krasnoyarsk railway. The infrastructure of the complex includes a container terminal and a depot of empty containers. The terminal is equipped with engineering and technical facilities that allow to perform loading and unloading operations and small / medium repair of the container.

The terminal renders services:

  • Receiving, exporting and sending your own empty containers
  • Storage of containers
  • Information Services
  • Processing of containers and documentation
  • Small / medium repair of containers

Also you can use the service of automobile delivery of containers on specialized transport - container ship. Trailer allows you to carry 40ft or two 20ft. Container at the same time. We use our own transport, these are Scania, DAF, Kamaz, equipped with GPS, this allows you to constantly monitor the movement and location of your cargo. We in the shortest possible time we will arrange and arrange the delivery of your container in Krasnoyarsk and the region.

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