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Auto Export Calculator

Instruction to the calculator:

1. In the first line, choose the required fields: container type, its property, station and the address of the truck.

2. If the cargo is dangerous or non-standard, designate in the field "dangerous cargo". Incremental factor will be automatically applied.

3. Upon completion of the data entry, the price and the transportation zone will be used to calculate the price and the mileage *.

The cost of auto transport services includes:

  • Notice of the arrival of the container
  • Terminal service at the receiving station
  • Crediting of documents
  • cargo handling
  • Standard simple for loading / unloading: 20 ft - 3 hours, 40 ft - 4 hours

The cost of services is given with 18% VAT

*Depending on the volume and characteristics of transportation, it is possible to harmonize individual conditions.

For more detailed information, please, contact our employees by phone: 223-85-85 (ext.243, 245).

Cost of services is current as of the date 03.08.2016